January 2017

Since returning from Christmas, Sparrows Room have been learning about the farm. The children made a display board with farm animals and a farmer, using natural materials such as grass, mud and seeds as our background. They also made a 3D tractor! They have been joining in singing ‘Old MacDonald’, completing farm puzzles, playing with ducks in a makeshift pond, using the Small World farm toys and playing with hay. 

In Robins Room, the topic has been the winter season, including exploring the ice and snow in our garden. The children collected natural objects from the garden and then poured water on them to encase their found objects in ice; then they investigated the ice, talking about what it feels like and observed the ice melting and changing. Working in small groups, the children made a Small World winter wonderland using white and shiny objects. They constructed an ice palace with cardboard tubes, boxes, glitter and white and blue paints, using a range of brushes and sponges to paint. They also made paper ‘ice crowns’, dressed up with their friends and took part in dance and movement to our Disney CD (mostly “Frozen” of course!). Finally, we’ve also been looking at friendship, kindness, rules and boundaries, refreshing the children’s knowledge on our routines and expectations whilst at nursery. They have been showing off their sharing, turn-taking and good manners.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, all the children in the nursery tried some new foods at meal times, including spring rolls, prawn crackers, sweet n’ sour chicken and egg fried rice, with the older ones preparing and cooking their own Chinese stir-fry. They did lots of arts and crafts, such as exploring red paint spaghetti, attempting their own Chinese writing, making lanterns, drums, dragon puppets and red envelopes. For the Year of the Rooster, we even had a special visit from Robbie the Rooster!